• So, You Want to Be a Cheerleader

    In recent years, the International Olympic Committee has recognized cheerleading or ‘sports animation’ as an official sport. Cheerleading has become a sports practice of increasing popularity that is very successful among young people of any gender. Now, let’s clarify that it is not yet included in the Olympic Games, is only a provisional discipline for […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Cheerleading as Sport

    Not everyone can be a cheerleader, to succeed in this sport every athlete must own dance skills, gymnastics, strength, and coordination, combined with a tremendous self-confidence to be able to stand – without being paralyzed by fear- in a stage in front of thousands of people and give their best. Not only that, but most […]

  • Own Your Next Cheerleading Tryout

    Cheerleading is a pretty rough sport involving dancing, athletics, pirouettes and a high level of energy that can be demanding, and tryouts are not any different. Even though there’s a hard-competitive spirit, you need to bring your best game to your audition in a positive and respectful way where everyone can have fun. Here’s some […]

  • Most Common Cheerleading Injuries and How to Avoid Them

    While cheerleading is often thought of as a girly sport, people do not realize that it is very competitive and at times can be dangerous. Just as with any other sport, there is a risk of injuries occurring and that makes it is so important for participants to stay in good physical and mental health […]

  • Physical Skills Needed to Be a Cheerleader

    Cheerleading is a mentally and physically demanding activity, and in order to be successful in the sport, one needs to be in top shape! A person must possess physical endurance and physical strength to become competent and even though most of the routines are quite short, usually about two and a half minutes long, there […]

  • The History Behind the Cheerleading Uniform

    Cheer leading is a unique and interesting sport. In the United States it is widely considered that only the most fit and capable students are selected for the cheerleading team. Being a cheerleader means that you are representing your school and you must give your best when it comes to sports games or cheer leading […]

  • Is Cheerleading Only Popular in The United States?

    The history of cheerleading began in the early years of the 20th century when the American high schools and universities started having organized teams that would cheer for their athletes. After this, the popularity of this sport extended all over the United States and became one of the staple sports in high school and college. […]

  • Top Female Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders

    There are lots of female cheerleaders who have changed the face of the game over the years. Becoming a female leader do not guarantee you will end up a celebrity but for these set of girls, they rose to prominence after leading a group of girls to cheer fans at high school sports games. Becoming […]

  • Prominent Male Personalities Who Were Cheerleaders

    The “What a man can do, a woman can do better” phrase is not only meant for the female folks. Initially, cheerleading was a thing for the guys. But over the years, in the quest to improve the quality of entertainment offered to sports fans in college games, the ladies had to join the cheer […]

  • Steps You Need to Take to Become a Cheerleader

    As you are already aware, cheerleading in high school can offer a spectacular experience; that’s where all the fun starts. Fascinating events like games, summer camp, pep rallies, homecoming, etc. make cheerleading a worthwhile activity. While the fundamental aspects of cheerleading in high school are exciting, you will observe that practices you will be required […]

  • Best College Cheerleading Squads

    Cheerleading is one of the most beautiful and interesting sports that exist. Many consider it part art, part sport thanks to the multitude of dance moves and tricks. Being a good cheerleader requires a lot of dedication and a very good team. Being a team sport, collaboration with your colleagues and coach is vital for […]

  • How to be a good cheerleader

    Cheerleading is perhaps one of the most exciting sports that exist. The teamwork involved helps you develop personal skills and many friendships. The main purpose of the cheerleaders is to be part of the sports team and to encourage the players on the field. In the late years this sport developed on itself and the […]

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