• Best College Cheerleading Squads

    Cheerleading is one of the most beautiful and interesting sports that exist. Many consider it part art, part sport thanks to the multitude of dance moves and tricks. Being a good cheerleader requires a lot of dedication and a very good team. Being a team sport, collaboration with your colleagues and coach is vital for […]

  • Best Schools for Cheerleading

    Cheerleading is a highly competitive but highly rewarding sport that is hugely popular in the United States of America. Young women all around the world train for years and years to perfect the tricks and moves that are used in the sport. They are aspiring to be on a national team or cheer for a […]


    Cheerleading is predominantly an American culture which involves millions of participants all around the world. It’s all about motivating teams and entertaining audience at sporting events. It’s a short routine requires dance, gymnastics, cheers, stunts, and jumps. It is very common with football and basketball with the participant in high school, college, athletic association and […]