• So, You Want to Be a Cheerleader

    In recent years, the International Olympic Committee has recognized cheerleading or ‘sports animation’ as an official sport. Cheerleading has become a sports practice of increasing popularity that is very successful among young people of any gender. Now, let’s clarify that it is not yet included in the Olympic Games, is only a provisional discipline for […]

  • Top Female Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders

    There are lots of female cheerleaders who have changed the face of the game over the years. Becoming a female leader do not guarantee you will end up a celebrity but for these set of girls, they rose to prominence after leading a group of girls to cheer fans at high school sports games. Becoming […]

  • Prominent Male Personalities Who Were Cheerleaders

    The “What a man can do, a woman can do better” phrase is not only meant for the female folks. Initially, cheerleading was a thing for the guys. But over the years, in the quest to improve the quality of entertainment offered to sports fans in college games, the ladies had to join the cheer […]